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How it works

How to purchase, activate and pay with your wearable:
Step 1: Please choose a Rosan Pay payment accessory of your liking and then click on card product.

Step 2: Once you click on the accessory you like, please add it to the cart by clicking “add to card”.

Step 3: Please open card and continue with “proceed to checkout”.

P.S. Add Promo code by clicking “promo code” if you already have Promo code to get a discount.

Step 4: Enter your shipment and billing details.

Step 5: Place your order by choosing the payment method of your preference and proceed. Do not forget to agree with privacy policy and acknowledge the steps after placing your order.

Step 6: Congratulations! We have received your order! However, in order for your Rosan Payment accessory to get a contactless payment functionality, you must link it to your banking card. Please do so by clicking on “Link this item”.

Step 7: Аn external window will appear. Please proceed by clicking “next”.

Step 8: Enter your banking card number and expiry date. Do not worry, your banking card details will never be shared to any third parties. We never see them as well, because they are cryptographically secured. Please proceed by clicking “next”.

Step 9: Check if everything is correct and please proceed by clicking “FINISH”.

Step 10: Once you are finished, you will see a green sign “SUCCESS”. This means that your future wearable is connected to your banking account. You will need to activate it once you receive it (instructions are provided in the shipment).

Step 11: If for some reasons you have not linked your banking card in the previous steps, you can still do it in the order confirmation email you received.

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