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Questions and Answers
How do I make payments?

The payment works in the same way as contactless payments with your payment card. Hold your wearable close to the payment terminal to make a contactless payment. For transaction amounts up to € 50 you don’t have to enter a PIN. For higher amounts you enter the PIN of the debit card linked to your wearable. These payments will be debited straight from your current account, just like payments with your debit card.

Where payments are accepted?

You can make payments with your wearable wherever you can currently make contactless payments using your existing debit card.

How do I connect my card to my payment jewelry?

Please see our detailed guidance here.

How do I activate my payment wearable?

To activate your device just follow the instructions supplied with the box of your wearable. Please note that you must activate it within 7 days after delivery.

Is it safe?

Rosan Pay wearables are endorsed by your bank and supported by a payments-regulated security platform, certified at the highest level.

What is tokenization?

To enable the payment functionality a secured digital copy of your payment card – ‘token’ – is made and placed on your wearable.

What if I lose my payment jewelry?

If your jewelry piece is lost or stolen, you can block it via mobile. For more information, please visit your bank’s website.

How to temporary deactivate my payment jewelry?

You can deactivate your payment jewelry via Internet banking or mobile app. For more information, please visit your bank’s website.

With which banks do you work?

At the moment we offer our products exclusively to the customers of the following banks:

Nordea in Finland, Sweden and Norway

Swedbank in Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania

VIMpay in Germany

What should I do If my wearable is broken?

Please contact our customer service at

How long can I use my wearable to make payments?

The chip lifetime is given by Mastercard. For the moment it is three years after activation. Passed this delay the payment functionality of the wearable will expire.

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