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When style meets
payment technologies

Use your jewelry to make easy and secure contactless payments

Use your jewellery to make  contactless payments

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Payment Ready jewelry by Rosan Pay is designed for people who love style and innovation. It is linked to your payment card and allows you to make hassle-free, fast and secure purchases anywhere you see a contactless payments sign.

Tap to Pay

Rosan Pay devices use NFC technology to make contactless payments – just like your existing payment card


You never, ever have to charge Rosan Pay devices

Safe & Trusted

Rosan Pay devices are endorsed by your bank and supported by a payments-regulated security platform, certified at the highest level


Our payment jewelry represents the combination of simplicity and elegance in your style


No more fumbling around for your payment card or relying on your payment app to load in time!

Leave your wallet at home – payments with Rosan Pay jewelry are fast and effortless

Pay in your favourite restaurants, cafes, shops and in any place that accepts Bancontact or Maestro® contactless payments

All Rosan Pay products are compliant with top security standards and have an additional layer of cryptographic protection. Using Rosan Pay jewelry is just as safe as using a regular debit card

How it works
The setup is smooth and convenient

Choose your item

Select Your Rosan Pay wearable and add to cart

Link to your card

Link your payment card details to your Rosan Pay wearable via a secure registration portal


Complete your online purchase and wait for your delivery


Receive your delivery and follow instructions to activate your Rosan Pay wearable for contactless payment

Start paying

Your wearable is now ready for contactless payment!

The history of our brand

How Rosan merged the art of jewelry 
with the latest achievements of IT-technology